Some Ways We Can Help Your Organization

Developing An Overall Marketing or Brand Strategy

We'll lead your team in developing your marketing or brand strategy, ensuring active input from all key stakeholders across the organization. We've done this, dozens of times.

Creating a New Product Launch Marketing Plan

The CMOish team has overseen hundreds of major brand and product launches in the US and Canada, with proven results. We'd love to put our deep experience to work for you.

Executing an Advertising, PR or Event Marketing Campaign

Need some extra hands to make sure your next campaign is a success? We're happy to help. Strategy, Creative, Media, PR, Event Marketing - we've done it all.

Determining Your Ideal Org Structure

Sometimes you just need outside experience and perspectives to help assess what you have and what you need.

Transitioning Your Brand to Digital

We've boldly led major brands into the digital world with enormous success. We're happy to help as your brand makes the transition.

Maximizing Your Social Media Assets

What's the best way to leverage all those fans who are following you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other platforms? We can help you put a smart and effective strategy in place.